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Some of the questions and answers we get asked most often.

Why do I need a consultation?

Consultations are a vital element of your Hair Extension fitting. This enables the technician to find out exactly what you are looking for as extensions aren’t just about having long hair….you may want to lengthen your sides only, or thicken your hair or just add highlights/lowlights without colouring your hair. It enables us to check for contraindications – these are any reasons why you may not have hair extensions fitted for either medical reasons or to protect damaged or weak hair etc. We use it to colour match your hair, find the most suitable method of fitting, discuss how to care for your hair… the end of a consultation the technician may tell you that you are not eligible for Hair extensions. Although disappointing this will only be the outcome if there is a valid reason and we believe that it may cause damage to you or you hair. Some people go away and source another extensionist who is willing to fit them but please remember when making your decision that there is a very valid reason for us to say ‘NO, you cant have hair extensions’. Likewise you may decide after your consultation that extensions are not for you and that too is completely fine and the consultation is free to you. We also require a payment of a deposit at the consultation if you decide to go ahead as you are booking a long appointment and your hair needs to be ordered/saved

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How long can extensions be worn for?

This varies depending upon which fitting you choose. Micro ring weft, weaves & tapes will require checking/repositioning every 5-6 weeks. All bonded extensions can be worn for up to 12 weeks, depending upon the rate at which your own hair grows. It is vital that they are removed after this time as the natural hair sheds 80-100 hairs daily. Whilst wearing extensions, this natural shedding reduces the size of the natural section of hair that the extensions are attached to. If this section is then too small the weight of the extension can become too great and potentially causing damage. All extensions require maintenance checks. Regular maintenance appointments reduce the cost of your removal

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Can I go on holiday/sunbeds?

Any excessive heat may soften the bonds. They may then start to shed which can lead to matting of the hair extensions. Heat will also dry the hair extensions out so revive & protein spray is a must to keep them in good condition. We would always recommend that you cover the extensions up if using a sunbed. Holidays can be very detrimental to hair extensions….not just the bonds or the condition but to the colour also….. swimming pools, sea and suncream can discolour extensions due to the processing that have been through (obviously this doesn’t include virgin extensions as they have not been processed) We tend to recommend if you desperately want extensions for your holiday.use clip ins then come and have a lovely new set fitted when you return home

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Can I use my usual shampoo/styling products on my hair extensions?

Hair Extensions require specially formulated products. These products are lightweight and sulphate free and will ensure the bonds stay firm and the hair receives the correct level of moisturisation to stay looking healthy. If the incorrect products are used you may experience your hair extensions becoming dry, "fluffing up", matting and generally lacking in condition. Your technician will advise you of all aftercare requirements at your consultation. If this is refused and you experience issues with your hair then we are unable to address this.
Heat protector is a must

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Can I wear extensions whilst pregnant?

Hair Extensions can be worn during pregnancy but regular maintenance checks are required on a 2-4 weekly basis.
As hormone levels change throughout pregnancy this can alter your hairs usual condition dramatically so regular checks are required.
Some people notice that they don’t get the same results from their usual colour etc due to the changes during pregnancy and some people notice excessive hair growth or loss which can both in turn affect your extensions

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Can I wear my hair up whilst wearing hair extensions?

If wearing a weft this may be visible when wearing your hair up. Single Stranded extensions style just the same as your own natural hair and they are fine to be worn up. Micro rings will always be slightly more visible than prebonded but remember….no tight pony tails as this can cause tension

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How long does my own hair have to be to have extensions?

To achieve the best results your own hair should ideally be 4-5" minimum at the nape of your neck. There may be some cutting/thinning of the natural hair if you have a very blunt cut. We can fit in as short as 3” but it does depend in the style and desired effect

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How much do they cost?

It depends on how long you want your hair, what method you choose, what hair type and how much hair you need. A standard full head of hair extensions using Indian Remy Human Hair 18” is approx £185 to £220. Weft Fittings start around £165. For sides or volume only you are looking at approx £85 ….all these prices include your hair

Price correct of Dec 2019

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Will extensions damage my hair?

With expert fitting NO!! All the methods and glues we used are designed to ensure absolute minimum damage occurs. You will cause more harm with your straighteners. Your technician will provide you with an aftercare routine which must be followed. Use of the correct aftercare products is essential and will be discussed at your consultation. REMOVAL MUST BE CARRIED OUT BY THE EXTENSION SPECIALIST

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Can I re-use my extensions?

Our Indian Remy hairs not recommended to be worn for more then 1 fitting, but If Virgin Peruvian is chosen this can be expected to last up to 18 months depending on the aftercare used. Tape Extensions can be retaped and reapplied if the hair has been looked after

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Will you be able to match my colour?

Yes. We have a very large range of colours to ensure the perfect colour match.

We also offer a bespoke colouring service not just for your own hair but for the extensions too

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Can you do fittings if I supply my own hair?

Although we prefer to fit hair we supply ourselves so we can ensure the quality we are happy to fit hair you provide as long as it if purchased from a professional supplier.

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